Body in Balance Book: Reveals the Bare Naked Truth on Nutrition, Fitness and Food Policies Impacting Your Energy and Your Health

This simple and easy-to-read guide will show you how to get your body back in balance with a personalized clean diet and exercise plan. Learn why Body in Balance quickly topped the charts as an Amazon Best Seller in Preventive Medicine!  No Hype-No False Promises.  This Smart Solution offers a sensible plan to remove genetically modified foods and irritants, and provides a clear system to add back in powerful healing nutrients along with a  smart physical therapist designed corrective exercise plan.

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stars-5-0._CB192240867_Body in Balance...Brilliant!

This book is an absolute must if you've been looking to finally get an overall balance in your HABITS. That's what it trains you to do. Find a habit , a lifestyle to follow for both healthy eating and living. The stigma of a healthy lifestyle is all in the mind, and David dives deep into this! A brilliant read for anyone struggling and needing a blueprint of healthy eating designed to help reduce the risks of any diet related chronic diseases.

Casey Zeman
Casey Zeman

stars-5-0._CB192240867_A Must Read for Those Looking to  Eat Better

David Dansereau has written an educated and informed book on the American way of eating that is clear and accessible to non-scientists. This is a must read for all those serious about their health - and their children's health. As a clinical nutritionist and physical therapist, Dansereau is well acquainted with the maladies of modern living. His well-researched evidence is quite convincing and motivating for all those who wish to change their eating for good health and longevity.

Marjorie W
Marjorie W Brown University

A practical, no-hype user manual for health and well-being

Occasionally, a book comes along that has the potential to change millions of peoples lives in a profound way. Body in Balance is one of these books. David Dansereau has distilled his 25 years of nutrition and physical therapy expertise into this practical, no-hype user manual for health and fitness. If you're serious about your family's health and well-being, read this book often, use the tools and resources, and put your fitness plan into action with David's guidance. You'll look better, feel great and live each day with renewed vigor and enthusiasm.

Jeffrey B.
Jeffrey B. Hopkington, MA

Treat Yourself to this GREAT Read!

I am amazed at the genuine care and compassion that David Dansereau continues to pour into his own life's mission; to educate and empower us all to live the most active, healthy, rewarding lifestyle possible. David's book provides great explanations and insight into what educated choices we can make for ourselves and why we should! It truly is a must read! You won't be disappointed!

Danielle Z.
Danielle Z. Rhode Island College
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