Why do they lie?

“Contestants enter the weigh in with the mentality that they either lose “Big” (double digit losses are expected) or your effort for the week was a complete loss. “

David Dansereau,MSPT

Weighing the Truth About Weight Management Vs. the Media Lies


Please don’t be misguided by TV and the media with the lure of low calorie diets that prevail while watching “reality” weight loss shows or commercials for diet products and weight loss centers. You know the diet, the one perhaps your friend may be on currently that may be boasting- “I don’t need to exercise on this program”, “I simply select my meals (usually from a foil package because they have a longer shelf life) and follow their food plan”. The other media extreme also applies. Please don’t get duped by following the extreme exercise messages advocated by the trainers and producers of the Biggest Loser. I will explain more below why these two methods have very high failure rates.

Here’s why:

What’s wrong with low calorie packaged meal plans?

If you restrict yourself to a very low calorie plan you get scammed into believing you are reaching your goal because you are losing weight. But because the diet is faulty in design- based upon losing weight vs. bodyfat- you are actually losing mainly muscle weight. Consequently, upon resuming normal eating habits, you gain the weight back. So, as the cycle goes you start the same method all over again-only to fail once more. The low calorie packaged foods model is based on your failure. What?? Yes-The commercial segment pushing weight-loss meal replacement diet plans currently generates well over $36 billion each year. How? Repeat business.

Points to Remember:

Conventional weight-loss programs experience a 98% failure rate. Why? People lose lean muscle, not fat. Once they resume normal eating habits the weight returns- plus more.

  • Prepackaged meals, liquid diets, point systems based upon outdated height weight tables, as well as magic all result in the dieter regaining more weight on the next weight loss cycle. (Yes, it’s called “Yo Yo” dieting.) This is an unavoidable result of a severe drop in resting metabolic rate -often as high as 30%- as the body learns to function on reduced calories.
  • You can’t starve fat off your body. Why? Fat doesn’t require energy to sustain itself. It does not need to be fed but it becomes extremely efficient at storing energy when it feels your body is in crisis. It is a storage mechanism for excess energy. Since prehistoric times, your body has been an efficient fat-storage machine.
  • The cure-all and guaranteed weight loss or your money back diets are nothing but a scam. Why? Everyone is genetically different. Everyone processes food differently. You are unique and so is your metabolic rate. Therefore your nutrition requirements should be evaluated based upon your unique body composition and metabolic fingerprint to establish a comprehensive plan for lasting change.

Proper nutrition, functional exercise that is productive for your body type and fitness level and positive motivation are the only valid techniques to achieve long-term weight-management-Why? Without exercise supported by nutrition and motivation, you will lose muscle, not fat. But, can you take exercise to an extreme? Yes, let’s look at the Biggest Loser.

The Failure Cycle and misguided believe you need to be the Biggest Loser

 As I mentioned earlier with packaged meal plans, these conventional diets don’t work because they are faulty in design. They are based on weight-loss instead of fat-loss. Take the popular Biggest Loser show for example. In the first episode I thought the producers of the show were going to get it right. They actually started the first season measuring bodyfat levels.  If you watch the show, remember the contestants were in their swimsuits getting dunked underwater?  Then I was proved wrong. Perhaps to keep up with ratings, and make the show more dramatic, calories were slashed, body fat levels were thrown out, extreme yelling by trainers and sweating in the gym by contestants made exercise look impossible and punishing, and it became strictly a contest of pounds on the scale.

biggestloserscalejpgSo when the viewing audience tuned in for weekly weigh-ins and contestants were showing 10-20 pounds dropped on the scale each week it made for a great WOW factor for TV. They make it a point of shaming contestants in fact if they only lose a few pounds or have a flat week of “only” maintaining. This all-or-nothing mentality takes canter stage each week at contestant weigh-ins. Contestants enter the weigh in with the mentality that they either lose “Big” (double digit losses are expected) or your effort for the week was a complete loss.  Contestants are oftentimes shown hanging their heads in shame after losing “only” three pounds in a week, for example. The “reality” of this TV format (pun intended), was that what they lost mostly was lean tissue and vital water weight, as muscle is composed of up to 80% fluid.

Bottom Line:

The key to permanent weight-management is to understand the difference between weight-loss and fat-loss. Start by keeping a log of your food and exercise habits daily. If you’d like to learn more about the Truth about Weight Management, register for my free webinar rebroadcast.  I’ll teach you how to get started eating smart, with my easy tip on how to lift your nutrition “FFOGG”.  Sign up to get started learning how your body really works!-It’s FREE!

I offer this webinar to prove to you I have been in the health care space for some time helping individuals change behavior through proper exercise and nutrition planning.  Here’s a screenshot of one of  the slides from the webinar to show you just how many diets I have seen come and go:

Source:Body in Balance Book Tour Webinar

Source:Body in Balance Book Tour Webinar





For Truthful Weight Managemnt Resources:

Please read my book about getting your Body in Balance and finding a plan that works for you.

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