Wireless sensors measure and monitor total hip and knee replacement rehabilitation outcomes

Current methods used to measure joint outcomes range from highly inaccurate, low-cost goniometers and inclinometers to guessing with visual inspection at joint angles and estimating progress.  On the other hand, very expensive Optical Motion Capture Systems (OMCS) are recognized as being the Gold Standard in kinematic motion analysis, but they are extremely expensive, require specialist training to interpret the output and therefore do not provide a practical method to measure and monitor total hip and knee replacement rehabilitation outcomes outside of a research lab setting.

Introducing BPMpro and BPMphysio Technology

A New Rehabilitation Measurement and Outcomes Reporting Solution

SmartMovesPT offers BPMpro sensors and BPMphysio software which provides the clinician and patient with live feedback as to the range of motion with respect to key parts of the human body. Every body component to be tested has its own specific screen and the moving element, such as the arm or leg is displayed “live” via an avatar of the patients movement test.


BPMphysio offered in the US by SmartMovesPT has been designed to enable clinicians to make accurate and repeatable measurements of the movement of the human body at a cost effective price and in a simple to use manner.  A remote patient monitoring option allows the clinician to remotely check and update patient performance and prescribe therapeutic exercise updates based on patient compliance via range of motion feedback.

BPMphysio and SmartMovesPT deliver the following key features and benefits:

  • Measurement of the degree of joint flexibility & muscle power
  • Clear, PC-based real-time performance feedback via bespoke interface
  • Clinically-proven accuracy to better than one degree
  • Small (48 x 38 x 24mm), portable, lightweight (21g), robust, wireless sensors
  • Performance measured & recorded in a consistent manner for analysis
  • Hands-free operation to ensure patient focus
  • Alternative test methods
  • Print & Plot capability
  • Easy-to-clean sensors treated with Biomaster® anti-microbial technology
  • Premium version has high resolution touch screen tablet to provide self-contained system
  • Auto-connects wirelessly to Windows-based PCs & laptops (IOS in development)
  • Battery life – 7 hours of continuous use
  • Cost effective implementation
  • Easy to implement BPMphysio software
  • Live, animated graphics
  • Clear, easy to understand
  • Consistent recording of data
  • Comparative & differential analysis
  • Hands-free operation
  • Clinically-proven accuracy, less than one degree!
  • Patient Incidence Points (PIPs)-record and mark for patient record
  • Print & Plot

Simple 3 Step Solution to Engage Patients and Report Outcomes

  1. Attach sensor
  2. Run Test
  3. Review Results


Learn How You Can Attract and Retain More Patients using this new wireless technology

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  1. David
    2 years ago

    New Rehabilitation Technology Will Improve Patient Outcomes after Total Hip and Knee Replacement Surgery

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